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I am back and still waiting to get my other post finished due to a few complications, but in the meantime Gorrilla VS Bear posted a ill track today by Panda Bear remixed XXXChange. You have to check it out. I think I am going to be playing it a shit ton this week. It is indie meets electro so you know it has potential. On a side note, if this is someones personal photo of Panda Bear my bad, but I just had to post it beause in the background is my beautiful home town of Tucson Arizona. Peace & Beats

Listen To It


Were the 90’s really that long ago? Man it does seem like a long time ago when Prodigy put out The Fat of the Land. You know that album released 10 years ago with the tracks “Breathe,” “Firestarter,” and “Smack My Bitch Up.” Sadly those songs have turned into what I call sports techno, or songs that you are likely to hear over and over at a baseball or hockey game. Those songs are out of style just as bad as the haircut the main guy from the group had. Well today while listening to my ipod on shuffle “Out of Space” by the Prodigy came on and really hit the spot. It made me remember that Prodigy has more to offer than just music to play while the team is introduced. I think Amazon’s review describes the album fittingly as , ” an album even the technophobic couldn’t ignore, The Fat of the Land made Prodigy one of the first U.K. rave acts to infiltrate pop culture.” It then goes on to describe the controversy that surrounded “Smack My Bitch Up” that gave the album much of its attention. Geez how the world has changed then. Luckily Prodigy has other tracks, mainly from their other two albums, that us folks in the electronic community can remember than by. Some of my favorite tracks are “Out of Space,” “Girls,” “Everybody in the Right Place,” “One Love,” and the tribal vocal breakdown of “Narayan.”Most of their tracks have an older and harder rave feel to them, but whose to say we don’t crave that every now and then. Peace & Beats

= The Hair Cut

Haha and what is that haircut without an awesome sweater and dance moves to go with it.

Sadly I am just now getting into the whole psychedelic rock/electronic music genre thanks to Erol Alkan’s other half, Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve (BTWS), and one of the main guys from Thievery Corporation other side gig Dust Galaxy. I just downloaded both of their albums so I am hoping they are good. If they are anything like BTWS remixes I am totally going to be sold on the music genre. Or at least go through a phase of listening to it to be honest. Peace & Beats


I haven’t heard a good progressive house track in awhile. Well, since Pryda’s “Muryani.” That is why this EP was disappointing to me. I guess I had too high of hopes for Pryda (Eric Prydz & Cirez D). “Pjanoo” isn’t bad, but I don’t see myself playing it too often. Nothing too special about “F 12” either. They both sound like your standard progressive house. I suggest you save money, although I am sure die hard fans would tell you otherwise. Peace & Beats

Here on some tunes I found through the blogging community. Remember to support always support the artist by buying their merch and seeing them live. You know, what they actually want you to do. Also the RIAA is filled with douchebags ready to sue your ass for downloading online, so be careful where you download. Make sure you don’t do it on campus or they can get you. Don’t believe me? Check out this article from The Daily Wildcat. Apparently 14 students from my school are going to get prosecuted for downloading on campus! Absolutely absurd in my opionion. Peace & Beats

Sport “G” & Mastermind – Louder

This track has really grown on me. It has a fun 80’s hip-hop feel to it.
DL IT HERE (ysi)

The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
Imagine all the Girls, and the Boys, and the Drums…” on the dance floor moving to this fun little indie dance song.
DL IT HERE (Z Share)

Autokratz – It’s On (Fisher Preyes Remix)
Electro isn’t dead yet

DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
I know this track is kind of old, but it doesn’t mean its still not good.
DL IT HERE (Z Share)

So yesterday I did a post on who would be better to see at SXSW; MSTRKRFT of Digitalism? However, I was unable to post it on my wordpress site because I was having trouble with the videos. So CLICK HERE to go to my Blogger site to see the post and give your input. Peace & Beats



Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor

My Favorite track from the #1 blogged about artists


Teenagers – Homecoming (Gentelmen Drive Rave Remix)
Smooth track from Kitsune to play during Spring Break.


Midlake – Roscoe (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)
My boy Brandon mentioned Midlake on his last post and it just so happens Erol Alkan’s more relaxed side (aka Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve) has a nice remix of their track “Roscoe.”


DJ Apt One – Mickey Dreidels ‘92
Man this track is fresh, but way too hard to find so I recommend you dl it quick!


Pantha Du Prince – Saturn Strobe
Not to be a snob or anything, but I am not sure if Pantha Du Prince’s The Bliss is worth all the ass kissing it got last year but “Satellite Strobe” is for sure. It is just plain beautiful.


So I have decided to go ahead and post some amusing videos I have come across this week. I am normally way behind when it comes to seeing the really popular internet videos, but I have seen these following goodies.

Sick ass Spike Jonze skate video complete with napalm explosions choreographed to M83

Dr. Steve Brule Monatage

Why wouldn’t you watch this video? Do you have testicles in your mouth or something?

John Stewart and The Daily Show exposes the two sides of President Bush and puts them in a hysterical (actually frightening if you think about it) debate against one another.

Why is it that so many local DJs suck? Maybe it is just because I go to school in Tucson, but there should be good music everywhere damnit. Last night I asked the DJ at the local hipster/indie club, Club Congress, what style he is into and planning on playing tonight. The ignorant prick responded “why don’t you just wait and see,” and “I don’t take request.” Well he should. Of course he went on later and played dead jam after dead jam. Everyone was outside smoking cigarettes instead of inside dancing. The dj before him sucked too. The guys couldn’t mix or beatmatch if their life depended on it. Being really into Crystal Castles at the moment, I asked him if he could play any of their stuff. I’m pretty sure he was lying when he told me that he couldn’t because it wasn’t his laptop. My roommate asked the next dj if he had any Mr. Oizo. Of course not. If only we had someone with talent playing here every weekend. Like an Adam Freeland spinning a set like he did for Global Underground: Mexico City? Now those are two sets that would fit the ‘indie’ and ‘rave’ crowd.