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Is it just me or are all the hot techno producers/DJs out there from either France, Germany, or Britain? I know there are plenty or talented American acts, but for some reason foreign acts seem to get my attention more. I am starting my list of hot techno tracks for the week with Maxime Dangles. He is a growing DJ from France with a the nice EP out Speicher 59. Both tracks on the Kompakt Extra release have a nice and dark techno vibe to them, but if you’re going to buy just one track from Beatport, I would have to suggest “Tulipa”.

Maxime Dangles – Tulipa [Kompakt Extra] Zshare

If you don’t know anything about Dusty Kid, and are a fan of the techno genre, then I suggest you go out and purchase as much music of his as you can. The guy is simply superb. If you guys like his stuff then let me know and I will post some of my other favorite tracks by him including the other electro house hit Tsunamy from the EP.

Dusty Kid – Milk [Systematic] Zshare

I am going to finish off Techno Thursday with “probably the most played Techno track in history, “The Bells” has become the anthem for our sonic generation. Whenever heard, the response is typically euphoric and even today, it continues to serve as the climax of countless events, raves and parties starting a decade ago” according to I agree with the fact that this Detroit local is one of the most influencial techno DJs of all times. Happy 10th anniversary to Jeff Mills and “The Bells.” Peace & Beats

Jeff Mills – The Bells [Purpose Maker] Zshare


Gui Boratto is an excellent minimal, house and techno composer from Brazil. Signed to the Kompakt label with other talented acts like Superpitcher and Michael Mayer; this is one of the labels releases. Gui Boratto’s “Chromophobia” is not a minimal album like you probably would expect from German label. The tempo is always changing in the album. You got your minimal tracks like “Gate 7” and “The Blessing.” You also have “Beautiful Life” which has a house vibe to it. Finally, you have a nice electronica track titled “Xilo” and the standout techno track “Shebang” to really get your head nodding.

Gui’s Tour Dates