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Spring Break has sadly come to an end and I am starting to get back into my normal routine of being a student (but lacking when it comes to my blog). I am stuck reliving the good times I had during that week in my head. SXSW was the best part of my spring break for sure. If you have never been to the festival you’re definitely missing out. Austin is unlike every other part of Texas for sure. Dallas and Denton can compare to it, but Austin surpasses them in all forms of enjoyment. The city is just jam packed with bars restaurants. The number of bars there are in Austin is the equivalent to the number of casinos in Las Vegas. Friday I went to the I Heart Comix! vs Mad Decent party. This party was so sick! From the free Dewars scotch mixed with ginger ale, actually surprisingly tasty, to the music, and everything in between. Simian Mobile Disco played a stellar set that night. A lot better one than I saw them play the following Saturday night. Diplo went off, although it only seemed like for 30 minutes. Luckily I had the chance to meet him after the show. Diplo was an incredibly chill guy, unlike JFK from MSTRKRFT who I met Saturday night and acted like a total douchebag. Saturday was awesome as well. I went to the Scion party at Stubbs BBQ. The vibe there was great. Digitalism played an impressive set followed by one hell of a performance by Chromeo. I can not wait to see Chromeo again at Coachella. Saturday we went to the party at VICE. The DJ sets were mainly hard electro. It was my first time to see the Bloody Beetroots. I was really impressed with their skills and showmanship. I don’t know how these guys play with those spiderman mask on. How are they supposed to smoke and drink? In the end, I would say SXSW was probably one of the funnest music festivals I have been to right next to Coachella.









I love to sport my “Leave Us Kids Alone” shirt by Soy. Almost everytime I wear it somebody will come talk to me about it; usually something in reference to Pink Floyd or the government. This shirt is also unique unlike the “Dark Side of the Moon” shirt everyone wears and probably half of them have never even listened to the album.

Akomplice “10 Shades of Blue

Cool “Mixtape” t-shirt from Addict Clothing Line.

Some clean ass Aisics that I think can only be found at wellgosh, which sucks because they are located in Europe.

Dance Party Massacre’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” t-shirt. $28

Fresh kicks from Reebok with an old school twist. Reasonably priced at $90 too. My favorite are the Black/Green/Pink pair. I think I used to have a pair back in 3rd grade. Best place I found to get them is Zappos.

Chaunce has a cool re-design of the Chicago Cubs logo replacing the blue bear with a gorrilla. I also like how they decided not to try to be over the top by only putting a small imprint of the gorilla in the bottom right corner of the t-shirt. Get it on their website for $26.

Alex Pardee’s artwork is amazing and dark. I’m sure he would probably choose other words to describe it but whatever. He also has gotten around to making a unique shirt titled “Vomit Love.” Even if you don’t think this shirt is your type of style you should at least go to his website to check out Alex’s personal artwork if you have some free time. Get it on his website for $20.

Roll in style with these shutter shades. You have probably seen that douche Kanye West sportting these but that doesn’t mean you can’t. They now come in a variety of colors to choose from. Buy them online for $25.