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Kompakt, the label for electronic big whigs like SuperMayer, SuperPitcher, and my personal favorite, Gui Boratto, has just released their 9th mix compilation titled Total 9. The tracks on this album seem to bit slower than some of their past compilations. Too slow for the big dance floors. Why expect that in the first place? Kompakt always give off a darker vibe than other popular labels. But, isn’t that what separates them from the more dance floor friendly labels, such as, Ed Banger and Kitsune. Whether  Kompakt is better than the other two? That depends on what you are judging them on. If it is by the quality of their most recent mix compilations, then, Kompakt is clearly the winner. So, if you’re looking for an album to chill out to, this is it. Everyone needs some good night music to crash to every now and then. Peace & Beats

For  a better review of the album check out RA’s HERE


01. Justus Koehncke – No Thanks For The Add 
02. DJ Koze – Zou Zou 
03. Superpitcher vs The Congosound – Say I’m Your Number One (Album Version Superpitcher Remix) 
04. Juergen Paape – Come Into My Life (Feat. Alison Degbe) 
05. Matias Aguayo – Minimal 
06. Supermayer – Hey Hotties! 
07. Joerg Burger – Modernism Begins At Home 
08. Superpitcher – Disko! (You Don’t Care) 
09. Partial Arts – Telescope (KOM CD 67 Version) 
10. Thomas Fehlmann – With Wings 
11. Burger & Voigt – Wand Aus Klang 
12. Dubshape – Droplets (Early Night Mix) 
13. Jonas Bering – Can’t Stop Loving You 
14. Robert Babicz – Don’t Look Back 
15. Nightguy – Pretty Face 
16. Gui Boratto – Anunciacion 
17. The Rice Twins – The Signifier 
18. Nicolas Stefan – Time Is Over 
19. Kaito – Everlasting Dub 
20. SCSI 9 – Another Day Acid 
21. Maxime Dangles – Tulipa 
22. Freiland – Geduld


Maxime Dangles – Tulipa [Kompakt] Zshare

Great song. I used to listen to it when his EP was released earlier this year. Along with his other song “Firewire.”



Matias Aguayo – Minimal (DJ Koze Remix) [Kompakt] Zshare

The DJ Koze version of “Minimal” isn’t on Kompakt’s Total 9 but it is a stellar remix and I could easily see it becoming huge on the Indie dancefloors across the globe. Check it out. If you don’t like it I will be amazed. The vocals are insanely catchy.



Gui Boratto is an excellent minimal, house and techno composer from Brazil. Signed to the Kompakt label with other talented acts like Superpitcher and Michael Mayer; this is one of the labels releases. Gui Boratto’s “Chromophobia” is not a minimal album like you probably would expect from German label. The tempo is always changing in the album. You got your minimal tracks like “Gate 7” and “The Blessing.” You also have “Beautiful Life” which has a house vibe to it. Finally, you have a nice electronica track titled “Xilo” and the standout techno track “Shebang” to really get your head nodding.

Gui’s Tour Dates

Today it really hit the spot to listen to techno. Following is a short list of some of the tracks I have been enjoying on this cold Thursday. Peace & Beats

Marc Romboy vs Gui Boratto – Eurasia (Guis mix) [Systematic]

Ellen Allien and Apparat – Rotary [Bpitch Control]
(actually considered electronica on for some reason)

Butch – On the Line (Oxia Remix) [Circle Music]

Popof – My Toys [Skryptom Records]

Steve Lawler – Courses For Horses [Renaissance]
(First three minutes are slow, but after that the song really gets going)