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Orbital Myspace

Orbital Myspace

Orbital has been around ages. K only a couple of decades, but I am sure some of their select tunes will be timeless. “Halcyon + On + On” is one of the first electronic tracks I listened to as a kid. I remember hearing it while watching the movie Hackers. I am not sure that movie will stand the test of time, but I promise the track will.

Another great track of Orbital’s  I recommend is “Belfast.”

There is even a track Pitchfork acknowledges. “Chime” was listed in their Pitchfork 500 list.

If you want to find out more info on Orbital then check out this write up on


I haven’t heard a good progressive house track in awhile. Well, since Pryda’s “Muryani.” That is why this EP was disappointing to me. I guess I had too high of hopes for Pryda (Eric Prydz & Cirez D). “Pjanoo” isn’t bad, but I don’t see myself playing it too often. Nothing too special about “F 12” either. They both sound like your standard progressive house. I suggest you save money, although I am sure die hard fans would tell you otherwise. Peace & Beats

So yesterday I did a post on who would be better to see at SXSW; MSTRKRFT of Digitalism? However, I was unable to post it on my wordpress site because I was having trouble with the videos. So CLICK HERE to go to my Blogger site to see the post and give your input. Peace & Beats