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We are “the muscle of Obama’s army.” Well depending on whether or not you are around the age of 18-25 and planning on voting for Obama. I know I fit the demographic. Not that my endorsement would help him in any way but I know my vote for him certainly would. With Super Tuesday coming up it seems that Barrack Obama is banking on us to put down the pipes, Tivo “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” and hit the booth. David von Drehle from Time magazine explains.

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I always knew I liked California a lot. If you can believe it or not, at a few select locations you can now buy marijuana from a vending machine. However, you do need a special car to buy from every college kids dream machine. Also, a rent-a-cop guards the machine but who is to say a couple Franklins wont make him turn his head. I hope they have flaming hot Cheetos and grape drink in it too.