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Some good music coming to Texas next month. Teen Daze will be in Denton and Austin next month. Chillwave isn’t just for summertime anymore. I’ll be excited to see them play.  Both “Cold House” and “Everywhere” are great songs. You can dl Digital 7” No. 1: Cold House b/w Everywhere off their website for free.  Just Click Here

Hailey’s Fri, Dec 3 Denton, Texas
The Mohawk Sat, Dec 4 Austin, Texas


Such a great song from this duo out of San Diego. Unsigned and relatively unknown, at the moment, but I’m positive that will soon change. One of the best Indie songs I have heard in a long time. It really makes me miss the good times I have had in San Diego

I am back and still waiting to get my other post finished due to a few complications, but in the meantime Gorrilla VS Bear posted a ill track today by Panda Bear remixed XXXChange. You have to check it out. I think I am going to be playing it a shit ton this week. It is indie meets electro so you know it has potential. On a side note, if this is someones personal photo of Panda Bear my bad, but I just had to post it beause in the background is my beautiful home town of Tucson Arizona. Peace & Beats

Listen To It

Super Furry Animals are one of the biggest Britpop bands of our generation. They have developed an extensive indie based following since their debut album “Fuzzy Logic” in 1996. Considering the Super Furry Animals have been around for so long I was somewhat surprised to see Holy Fuck blow them out of the water when it came to their live performance at Club Congress in Tucson. Holy Fuck played an action packed set that was able to get even the heavy footed indie crowd moving on the dance floor. They are one of the few bands, like Man Man, that after you see them live it is hard to listen to their album again because it doesn’t compare to their live performance. Unlike Animal Collective, who I have seen twice live and was largely disappointed, that are saved by the production studio. Super Furry Animals set wasn’t bad either; they just lacked the energy I look forward to when seeing a band live. They played the songs I wanted to hear as well as songs from their new album “Hey Venus!” that I haven’t heard before. I mean who can’t help but like when the lead singer Gruff Rhys starts off the gig with a giant red power ranger helmet on and later chomps on carrots to amazingly form a pretty cool beat. This show is definitely one to check out if you haven’t seen them already.

Holy Fuck Tour:

Holy Fuck – Milkshake

SFA – Hello Sunshine