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Sorry for no post yesterday, especially the ones who don’t even care about my ‘Fashion Friday’ post, but once again my laptop battery went to shit. Luckily this time it didn’t catch my computer on fire (Don’t by a Dell). So in order to save time and not have to use my girlfriend’s laptop all day I am going to keep it how yall like it; short and simple. Just click the picture to be linked to the site to purchase. Peace

Art School Vets, although I am not sure exactly where they are located, are my best find of the week. Some really fresh Tees.

‘Girlfriend’ by Chaunce Clothing. $26

Sick shirt by Growing Pains. $31
Fresh Nike kicks available at wellgosh. Make sure you wash dem feet before you put these babies on.


Ha, I didn’t know Mohamed Ali was an evil dictator. Sweet shirt though. $45


I love to sport my “Leave Us Kids Alone” shirt by Soy. Almost everytime I wear it somebody will come talk to me about it; usually something in reference to Pink Floyd or the government. This shirt is also unique unlike the “Dark Side of the Moon” shirt everyone wears and probably half of them have never even listened to the album.

Akomplice “10 Shades of Blue

Cool “Mixtape” t-shirt from Addict Clothing Line.

Some clean ass Aisics that I think can only be found at wellgosh, which sucks because they are located in Europe.

Dance Party Massacre’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” t-shirt. $28