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Sorry for no post yesterday, especially the ones who don’t even care about my ‘Fashion Friday’ post, but once again my laptop battery went to shit. Luckily this time it didn’t catch my computer on fire (Don’t by a Dell). So in order to save time and not have to use my girlfriend’s laptop all day I am going to keep it how yall like it; short and simple. Just click the picture to be linked to the site to purchase. Peace

Art School Vets, although I am not sure exactly where they are located, are my best find of the week. Some really fresh Tees.

‘Girlfriend’ by Chaunce Clothing. $26

Sick shirt by Growing Pains. $31
Fresh Nike kicks available at wellgosh. Make sure you wash dem feet before you put these babies on.


Ha, I didn’t know Mohamed Ali was an evil dictator. Sweet shirt though. $45


A couple of cool t-shirts from MHI by Maharishi

The Pop Girl Tee” by Insight. $40

“The Kick It Tee” by Insight
“A Opened Mind tee” by imaginery foundation. $30

So I’m not sure if this t-shirt is a big joke or not, but who the fuck would pay $45 for one of these shirts? My suggestion is to save your cash.

Also here is a video that I just wathced and thought it was pretty cool, but I wasn’t into the song really. I came across it on a nother website that was bashing nu-rave.

Hadouken! – That Boy That Girl

I love to sport my “Leave Us Kids Alone” shirt by Soy. Almost everytime I wear it somebody will come talk to me about it; usually something in reference to Pink Floyd or the government. This shirt is also unique unlike the “Dark Side of the Moon” shirt everyone wears and probably half of them have never even listened to the album.

Akomplice “10 Shades of Blue

Cool “Mixtape” t-shirt from Addict Clothing Line.

Some clean ass Aisics that I think can only be found at wellgosh, which sucks because they are located in Europe.

Dance Party Massacre’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” t-shirt. $28

Fresh kicks from Reebok with an old school twist. Reasonably priced at $90 too. My favorite are the Black/Green/Pink pair. I think I used to have a pair back in 3rd grade. Best place I found to get them is Zappos.

Chaunce has a cool re-design of the Chicago Cubs logo replacing the blue bear with a gorrilla. I also like how they decided not to try to be over the top by only putting a small imprint of the gorilla in the bottom right corner of the t-shirt. Get it on their website for $26.

Alex Pardee’s artwork is amazing and dark. I’m sure he would probably choose other words to describe it but whatever. He also has gotten around to making a unique shirt titled “Vomit Love.” Even if you don’t think this shirt is your type of style you should at least go to his website to check out Alex’s personal artwork if you have some free time. Get it on his website for $20.

Roll in style with these shutter shades. You have probably seen that douche Kanye West sportting these but that doesn’t mean you can’t. They now come in a variety of colors to choose from. Buy them online for $25.

I recently have started collecting records again because I want to start spinning vinyl instead of only using my cdjs and also because the artwork on many albums I buy is really cool so they are great to hang on your wall. The sad thing is unless you’re looking for crappy classic rock albums like the typical douche next door, fresh vinyl is hard to come across in most parts of the U.S. Luckily there are place online like Juno that don’t rape with shipping and handling fees. So here’s a list of a few of my favorite recent additions to my collection that are both great to listen to and hang up in your dorm or house. Peace & Beats

Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Remixes)

Trentemoller – The Chronicles

!!! – Take Ecstasy With Me

Dachi World brings fashion to the streets with their new take on the infamous “I Love NY” t-shirt you see everywhere. I’m really digging it. Dachi had some problems with his Pay Pal account but now everything seems to be up and running. He is a nice guy and a local artist deserving of your dollar. As he told me, “Try not to get too much paint on it.”
Find it at:

One of my favorite remixers of the year also has one of my favorite shirts of the year. His shirt is also re-design of one of the most famous shirts ever, but something about this shirt tells me that the Reagans wouldn’t approve of the new version. You be the judge. I have even seen Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay wearing it on several occasions. He is from France and aren’t they all supposed to have amazing style lol?
Find it at:

Considering how remarkably cold it was yesterday here in Arizona I decided I better add a hoodie to the post. Keep warm in style with this retro teal hoodie titled “heatseaker” from Mishka. I wish I had one, but at $110 it is a little too pricey for my college student budget.
Find it at:

To everyone who has jumped on the Barack Obama’s bandwagon, Rocksmith has brought us their Andy Wharholesque t-shirt to help you show your support in style. You better hurry up if you want to get your hands on it! I know it can be found on at the moment, but their shirts normally sell out quickly!

Who doesn’t appreciate the creativity of Ron Paul and his grassroots organizers and campaigners. From having a virtual march in the computer game World of Warcraft to spray painted “Ron Paul Revolution” signs it’s all good to me. So I say its time that everyone who has one of those Che Guevara t-shirts that I see everywhere and throw on one of this Ron Paul shirts in resemblance to them. After all, he is America’s candidate for a revolution.

Get it at: