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(Love the bandana! I am one to rock them as well)

Duke Dumont’s Regality EP was released in July of last year but it still has a couple of real bangers on there. I first heard “Lean N Bounce” on one of Simian Mobile Disco’s mixtapes for Mix Mag(which is the best electronic music magazine I have come across just fyi). Everytime I hear that song I feel like lighting up a cig and nodding my head if you know what I mean. I made sure to include it in my recent set last week. Also, “When I Hear Mu’Sic” is another awesome upbeat track. I am too lazy to look up who did the vocals for the track, but even though it sounds Madona, I really like them. Tiga’s Turbo Recordings just keeps on impressing me. Peace & Beats

DL “Lean N Bounce” (Z Share)
DL “When I Hear Mu’Sic” (Z Share)
Both tracks thanks to another site, so don’t come yelling at me TURBO like you do all the other blogs 🙂


Turbo Recordings is a Canadian record label run by the multi-talented Tiga. Don’t judge Tiga by his very 80’s glam looks. The guy is great at what he does. He also has a great podcast that I seriously recommend you to check out. He plays all types of music and seems to just be winging it. They are free to download, if you didn’t already know, and I’m sure they will give you some great new tunes. His momentary in between tracks is actually very entertaining and way better than any radio DJs you hear on ‘real radio.’ Anyways, I think Tiga has a great ear for good music. He further enhanced my belief after I listened to Tiga Presents 12 Great Moments In Turbo. This is definitely one of the best mix compilations out there. Many other labels usually stick to one or two genres, but like his podcasts, Tiga’s mix is very eclectic. It starts off with the smooth as silk “Crockett’s Theme” by FPU. I am especially fond of this track because I grew up watching Miami Vice. What is even more embarrassing is that sometimes I think my style is very 80’s Miami Vice like, or at least my Ray Bans. The mix then smoothly blends into “Ocean Drive,” also by FPU, but remixed by Tiga. The next half of the albums is just stellar; including Techo, Electro, Acid House, Tech-House and Electro House tracks. Is it just me, or are there not many Acid House tracks being put out these days? Luckily “Azid Life” is a really cool one. Check out the album and let me know what you think. Peace & Beats