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Some good music coming to Texas next month. Teen Daze will be in Denton and Austin next month. Chillwave isn’t just for summertime anymore. I’ll be excited to see them play.  Both “Cold House” and “Everywhere” are great songs. You can dl Digital 7” No. 1: Cold House b/w Everywhere off their website for free.  Just Click Here

Hailey’s Fri, Dec 3 Denton, Texas
The Mohawk Sat, Dec 4 Austin, Texas


Such a great song from this duo out of San Diego. Unsigned and relatively unknown, at the moment, but I’m positive that will soon change. One of the best Indie songs I have heard in a long time. It really makes me miss the good times I have had in San Diego

Orbital Myspace

Orbital Myspace

Orbital has been around ages. K only a couple of decades, but I am sure some of their select tunes will be timeless. “Halcyon + On + On” is one of the first electronic tracks I listened to as a kid. I remember hearing it while watching the movie Hackers. I am not sure that movie will stand the test of time, but I promise the track will.

Another great track of Orbital’s  I recommend is “Belfast.”

There is even a track Pitchfork acknowledges. “Chime” was listed in their Pitchfork 500 list.

If you want to find out more info on Orbital then check out this write up on

Great Aphex Twin track set to some cool, gruesome in a way, video clips.

Soulwax consists of the Dewaele brothers (aka 2 Many DJs) and a couple of other kick ass guys. They released Nite Versions way back in 2005. They really rock live. It is really fun to watch them all go at their instruments in perfect sync with one another instead of turntables for a change. As far as I know, they only play live (with instruments). Otherwise I believe it is just the Dewaele brothers spinning as 2 Many DJ’s. To bad neither of the groups ever seems to come over to the U.S. The album starts of with a re-work of Daft Punk’s “Teachers.” It then smoothly goes from there to the nice track “Accidents and Compliments,” and into the 3rdand kick ass track “E Talking.” No tracks on the album are a bust. They just keep the flowing going until the bangers like “Krack” come on. The album then proceeds to finish strong with last two tracks “NY Lipps” and “Another Excuse.” If you like electro, and even if you don’t, check this album out. Remember “Part of the Weekend Never Dies.” Peace & Beats

Top Tracks: “E Talking”, “I Love Techno”, “Krack”, “NY Lipps”, “Another Excuse”

So This isn’t the same version of “E Talking” from the album, but luckily I came across it because it is one of the coolest music videos I have ever seen.

A couple of cool t-shirts from MHI by Maharishi

The Pop Girl Tee” by Insight. $40

“The Kick It Tee” by Insight
“A Opened Mind tee” by imaginery foundation. $30

So I’m not sure if this t-shirt is a big joke or not, but who the fuck would pay $45 for one of these shirts? My suggestion is to save your cash.

Also here is a video that I just wathced and thought it was pretty cool, but I wasn’t into the song really. I came across it on a nother website that was bashing nu-rave.

Hadouken! – That Boy That Girl

It’s time to get hyper to the “Bass Bass Drum.” Signed to Ellen Allien’s label, Bpitch Control, Modeselektor released their second album “Happy Birthday!” late in 2007. Modeselektor is a German duo composed of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. By no means would I put “Happy Birthday!” in my top ten list of albums from last year. That’s because there are 17 tracks on the album when there should only be about 10. If the duo chose to slim down the track list then the whole album would just be brilliant! However, considering they made the album in some kind of mobile recording studio you have to be more impressed than disappointed. The album transcends all genres. If you are looking for electronica tracks then check out “Godspeed,” “Happy Birthday” and “Deboutonner” featuring Siriusimo. Hip-Hop fans check out “Let Your Love Grow” and the “The Dark Side of the Sun.” Or if you are more into Dubstep & Grime; “Hyper Hyper” is fantastic. Techno fans should download “Sucker Pin” and “Black Block.” So, as you can see there is a wide variety of genres in “Happy Birthday!” There is even a track with radiohead’s Thom Yorke titled “The White Flash. I think they will put on one hell of a live show so we all should be hoping they go on a tour in the U.S. before they play Coachella this year.

Modeselektor – Black Block

Modeselektor – Happy Birthday!



Mr. Oizo

So, I’m really into the whole electro thing right now. I know half of you think it is just a fad, and the other half just don’t know anyone out there besides Justice. Well let me introduce you to Mr. Oizo. Mr. Oizo is yet another French producer now signed to the out of control, and also French, music label Ed Banger. I first got into him listening to the Transsexual-Patrick 122 EP released in 2007. The track “Ovoma” has a dark, 80’s, and Kavinsky like feel to it. The top track on the EP however is “Patric 122.” It’s choppy, french house, and electro all in one. Not to mention the amazing saxaphone part! Can anyone tell me the last time they heard something like this before? Mr. Oizo also has two great breaks tracks(“Monday Massacre” and “Sick Dog Try To Speak”) and a nice electro house number with the title track on Flat Beat (1999). It is probably his best record. All three tracks are solid.

Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat

The Mix CollectionSasha and John Digweed are legendary DJs with decades of experience behind the turntables. They have played at everywhere warehouse and club known to man, and are one of the few DJs to stand the test of time and not fade out of the scene like so many artists from their time. They are booked to play a set at Coachella this year before an even more legendary group, and the pioneers of the electronic genre, Kraftwerk. The reason they have remained in the game for so long is because of their ability to pick timeless tracks for their mixes. There most renown mix/album being Renaissance: The Mix Collection which dates all the way back to 1994. Yes that’s right, the year OJ Simpson lead police on that infamous chase in his white Ford Bronco. Also the year when kids tried to embrace “2 more days of peace and music” by slinging mud, at the now corporate megastars Green Day, at the 1994 Woodstock music festival. However, Sasha and Digweed’s Renaissance is aimed at a more peaceful audience more in tune to the ideals of the old Woodstock. The 3 disc Mix Collection is jam packed with old school, but ageless, Trance and House tracks. Disc one is heavy on trance and disc two more house. My favorite mix is probably disc 3. It has more of club/rave feel to it. Unity 3’s “Age of Love” (which must have influenced the Field) transitioned into EMF’s “They’re Here” is just fucking amazing! The crowd must have been in heaven when they heard it. For one of the first mixes ever put to CD, you can’t help but be impressed by their track list and mixing skills. No wonder they decided to put out a 10th anniversary reissue with better audio quality thanks to new technology that was not at their use back in the 90’s.

Aphex Twin - Richard D. James

I’ve always thought Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James and Windowlicker album covers were some of the creepiest ones out there. Like they were made using whatever program there was out there before Photoshop, or whatever everykid uses now days besides me because I can’t afford a Mac. Anyways, it turns out that the only thing weird about Apex Twin is not just his album covers, but als his music videos. The guy is actually the electronic equvilalent of metal music fans’ Rob Zombie, and by no means is that a diss on Aphex Twin at all. So, when I was first started watching the “Window Licker” video I was like what the fuck, is this really the video to one of Aphex Twin’s best tracks? I mean, I find it hilarious and all to listen to ghetto ass people talk, but after four minutes into the video I was getting really sick of it. That’s when the song and video finally started to get going. The visuals and cinematography in the video are great. It actually made me wish they still made cool music videos today, but then again MTV and VH1 don’t even show music videos anymore. Peace & Beats