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I used to not give the Crookers the credit they deserved. Well, depending on how much you think they actually deserve. I am pretty sure I bashed on them in one of my previous posts. Needless to say, I am either a hypocrite or just plain stubborn, because their remix of Kid Cudie‘s “Day ‘N Nite” is off the chain. It was released earlier this summer on A-Track’s Fools Gold record label. It is much better track than most of the ones the other records labels got from the Crookers. Peace & Beats

Kid Cudie – Day ‘N Night – (Crooker’s Remix) [Fools Gold Record’s]





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So I just got my third laptop in three years today. This time I hope to have made the right choice by switching to Mac. So far I am pretty sure I did. However, it is not hard to compete with the Dell I bought that was actually one of the few cases where the laptop actually caught on fire. Of course Dell, like HP, practically told me to go fuck myself. Luckily I heard that now they are getting in trouble because one of their shitty laptops started smoking and almost caught on fire on a plane. Way to go Dell, knowing the assholes that are in charge of the TSA, I could see laptops being banned from being used on airlines. By the way, just so you know, the TSA doesn’t require their employees to have a high school diploma. So, in fact, airport security guards are actually as stupid as they look. My second laptop was just as shitty. It has been unable to turn on for months due to some problem that HP refuses to release any information about. My theory is they are going to wait most of the owners warranties expire before they tell us how to fix it. That is if it is actually fixable. Anyways, I am really enjoying my Mac along with my free Ipod Touch and printer Apple gave to me with it. The only major problem I am having with it is trying to get my Maya 44 USB sound card installed. If anyone can help me with this then please do. 

The three songs I’m posting today are in honor of Apple and the first three songs I downloaded on my MacBook. Peace & Beats


Bingo Players vs. Chocolate Puma – Touch Me (Bart B More Remix) [D:vision Italy]





Dave Darell – Children (Club Mix) [Tiger Records]

This track is similar to Klaas’s stellar remix of “Infinity 2008” minus the sax. Both tracks are a necessity to all DJs. 





John Dahlback – Morphine (Young Rebels and Fracesco Diaz Mix) [Music Diaz/ Toro]



Well Im probably going to get in trouble for posting this song because it has been #1 on Beatport for a few weeks now, but I have been playing it too much lately not to post it. As far as I know, this is the only release by Jean Elan so maybe he wont be too pissed and get some much needed publicity. I know even less about Klass. I am probably just an idiot but I couldn’t even find their myspace page! Regardless, it is a fun electro house released on Shake Me Please!

Jean Elan – Where’s Your Head At (Klass Remix) [Shake Me Please!] Zshare

Alan Braxe on the other hand, is a little more well known. All though he might not look it, he is 36 and currently signed to Kitsune. “Addicted” was released on Kitsune Maison Compilation 5 and to me has a cool bass beat that reminds me of some of the ones I heard by Timberland minus the gay vocals added by rappers.

Alan Braxe – Addicted [Kitsune] Zshare

Riva Starr‘s EP was released a little over two months ago, a long time to many bloggers, but not me. Scratch N’ Itch is still one of the freshest Electro/Tech-House albums I have heard in a long time. Listening to it has encouraged me to check out more from Southern Fried Records. Riva Starr is right up there with Dusty Kid when it comes to my favorite artists from the label. I still think Crookers are overrated though. Im exited for Starr’s new EP War Drums which is scheduled to drop in June. Peace & Beat

(Love the bandana! I am one to rock them as well)

Duke Dumont’s Regality EP was released in July of last year but it still has a couple of real bangers on there. I first heard “Lean N Bounce” on one of Simian Mobile Disco’s mixtapes for Mix Mag(which is the best electronic music magazine I have come across just fyi). Everytime I hear that song I feel like lighting up a cig and nodding my head if you know what I mean. I made sure to include it in my recent set last week. Also, “When I Hear Mu’Sic” is another awesome upbeat track. I am too lazy to look up who did the vocals for the track, but even though it sounds Madona, I really like them. Tiga’s Turbo Recordings just keeps on impressing me. Peace & Beats

DL “Lean N Bounce” (Z Share)
DL “When I Hear Mu’Sic” (Z Share)
Both tracks thanks to another site, so don’t come yelling at me TURBO like you do all the other blogs 🙂