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Fake Blood totally kicks ass. He has really blown up insanely quick. Congrats to him. I remember looking all over the internet in April for his “Beeper” remix and was so glad once I finally got it. Well it is way easier to find now. Beatport now carries some of his stuff so DL the song and if you like it, then buy it. His remix of UNKLE’s “Restless” is also worth the couple of bucks.

The Count & Sinden – Beeper (Fake Blood Remix) [Domino] Zshare

The Wiseguys “Ooh la la” is one of those songs you have heard somewhere and just can’t remember where. Probably on a shitty Dane Cook movie preview or something. Luckily the song doesn’t suck like Dane Cook. It is a classic Breaks trackĀ  from the British Hip-Hop group’s Antidote (1999). Peace & Beats

The Wiseguys – Ooh la la [Wall of Sound] Zshare


Were the 90’s really that long ago? Man it does seem like a long time ago when Prodigy put out The Fat of the Land. You know that album released 10 years ago with the tracks “Breathe,” “Firestarter,” and “Smack My Bitch Up.” Sadly those songs have turned into what I call sports techno, or songs that you are likely to hear over and over at a baseball or hockey game. Those songs are out of style just as bad as the haircut the main guy from the group had. Well today while listening to my ipod on shuffle “Out of Space” by the Prodigy came on and really hit the spot. It made me remember that Prodigy has more to offer than just music to play while the team is introduced. I think Amazon’s review describes the album fittingly as , ” an album even the technophobic couldn’t ignore, The Fat of the Land made Prodigy one of the first U.K. rave acts to infiltrate pop culture.” It then goes on to describe the controversy that surrounded “Smack My Bitch Up” that gave the album much of its attention. Geez how the world has changed then. Luckily Prodigy has other tracks, mainly from their other two albums, that us folks in the electronic community can remember than by. Some of my favorite tracks are “Out of Space,” “Girls,” “Everybody in the Right Place,” “One Love,” and the tribal vocal breakdown of “Narayan.”Most of their tracks have an older and harder rave feel to them, but whose to say we don’t crave that every now and then. Peace & Beats

= The Hair Cut

Haha and what is that haircut without an awesome sweater and dance moves to go with it.